CAA Declared Training Organisation

Moray Flying Club is a not-for-profit Military flying club at RAF Lossiemouth. We aim to provide cost-effective flying to all Service personnel from the tri-Services of RAF, Army and Navy as well as Reservists and MOD contractors working for the RAF. This also includes Air Cadets, University Air Squadron Members and their organisations' staff as well as Commonwealth Service personnel. Ex-service personnel and dependants can join as Associate Members too, as long as they help the club in some form.

Based at RAF Lossiemouth on the beautiful shores of the Moray Firth, we offer tuition for the UK Part-FCL Private Pilots licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Pilots licence (LAPL), the CAA National Private Pilot’s licence (NPPL) as well as Night and IMC/IR Restricted Ratings. We can renew your UK licence and/or ratings and arrange Flight Test Examiners.

We can currently operate 7 days a week offering full and part time courses to suit your needs. We are an Approved Training Provider for the Enhanced Learning Credit Military Scheme for many of our courses if you qualify that funding. Further information is contained within the website.

We have two single engine Cessna aircraft (C152 and a C172) which can be used for training or hire by valid licence holders. A limited number of non-Service members are also accepted if they can contribute to the club through regular flying and occasional duties in support of the Club as part of their membership.

All RAF personnel, regardless of rank or job description, are now able to use their ELC funds for a PPL/LAPL course or additional ratings. Your learning centre should know about this but if you have any difficulty draw their attention to the updated Leaflet 2511 a copy of which is linked. MFC course prices are available from our website. You will need to download the course you want to apply for to attach to your ELC Course Application. Once a Claim Authorisation Notice (CAN) is issued you can book your flying with us. If seeking a full time course or several flights a day, a MFC booking form is required with 10% deposit to secure both aircraft and instructor.

RAF Sport Aircraft (RAFSA) are committed to developing their pilot's skills and knowledge through continued training and stretching their personal flying boundaries. The Wings Scheme is endorsed by the CAA as part of their Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) scheme which is an initiative by the CAA that aims to improve the skill levels of private pilots whilst also encouraging General Aviation (GA) associations and organisations to provide life-long learning programmes for their members to help improve safety.

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